Accessories that Protect your Vehicle

Accessories that Protect your Vehicle

There are many accessories you can purchase to protect your vehicle. Those mentioned here are just some of the most often chosen. Whether you are looking to protect the interior or exterior, measures taken to keep your vehicle looking its best and at the same time insuring retention of the vehicle’s top value will be highly beneficial when it comes time to trade it in or sell. Even if you are not looking at future values for sale, using accessories like new seat covers, floor mats or a car bra will make you proud to be seen in your vehicle as well as the protection these accessories will provide.

The front-end car bra is an accessory that will provide protection for your vehicle’s front end. Specially ordered for your vehicle, the car bra is made to fit snugly and perfectly for maximum protection. Its value is in its ability to act as a guard from road hazards such as bugs, chemicals such as tar and gravel on roadways and from pitting damage on your automobile’s grill and paint surfaces. The bra, while having an important protective feature, also gives your vehicle a classier appearance. Usually constructed of heavy vinyl and a firm padding underneath, the car bra will stand the test of time. Most vehicle bras are easy to install and remove. The benefits in adding value, protection and a sleek look to your vehicle are well worth the small investment of a car front-end bra.

Bug shields are yet another valuable protective piece you can add to your vehicle. Modern bug shields are designed aerodynamically to not only compliment the look of your car’s front end, but they also maximize fuel usage. By not allowing a pushing type of air force against the vehicle, aerodynamically made shields create an ease in air flow so that your car doesn’t have to use extra fuel to compensate for the additional pressure or work. Bug shields are great for protecting your car from road debris, excessive bug collection and chipping from stones or other road hazards.

A car cover is an essential accessory if you must leave your vehicle outside in the harsh elements of the sun, rain or snow. It will protect your car from wear and tear and the hazards of extreme weather conditions when garaging or cover protection is not available. It should fit snugly around the normally exposed portions of the vehicle. Car covers are usually made of heavy duty protecting materials that will keep the damaging weather elements away from the automobile’s painted surfaces and will protect from the above mentioned weather hazards. Car covers are especially valuable if you use them while shopping or when the vehicle is parked anywhere someone or something can bump into the vehicle and create paint or body damage.

Floor Mats are the perfect accessory to not only give your interior a new or more finished look, they are indispensable in the protection they provide against wear and tear on the floor carpet. You can purchase floor mats in most any variety of colors, styles, and designs. They are available in materials such as rubber and clear plastic to name a few. Floor mats can be made specific to your vehicle or purchased at auto parts stores. The benefits to having floor mats cannot be overstated. They can aid in comfort when driving on long road trips, they protect from shoe damage in the acceleration area of the floor and they keep everyday dirt and grime from attaching to your vehicle’s original carpet. A purchase of floor mats at nominal prices can give your vehicle protection from years of floor or carpet damage in the vehicle.

No matter what part of the world you live in, tinting your vehicle’s windows can offer protection in many ways. Window tinting has long been known to reduce the heat coming into your vehicle. Anyone that owns an automobile in the southwest will tell you that the sun’s heat (and damaging ultraviolet rays) is not only destructive, it is downright uncomfortable. So in these two ways, tinting can increase your comfort while driving and decrease fading or discoloration of the interior’s vinyl or fabric work. If you choose a safety film, you will get even more protection.

A safety film on your vehicle’s windows has been known to reduce injuries to occupants from flying shattered glass in auto accidents. If you have a large object hit your windshield, safety film may deter the object from coming directly into your vehicle and hitting any passengers. If you live in tornado or earthquake zones, this type of film can prevent injury as well by acting as a buffer between you and the shattered glass.

Lastly, but certainly not less important, seat covers have numerous benefits. Seat covers protect the material that covers the original fabric of your car’s seats. This is very important for owners that live in sun drenched areas of the world, work in conditions where your clothing is contaminated with dirt, grease, or other destructive materials and for those owners that participate in activities such as biking, hiking, or swimming (the chlorine alone is severely damaging if you are not fully dried off). Seat covers are not just about protecting, they can also provide a tailored and clean look to your vehicle’s interior.

Your vehicle will look well kept and well taken care of if you purchase seat covers before damage occurs. You can pull them off before selling or trading in your vehicle for that eye-appealing look that says you the owner took very good care of the car. Sometimes a nice and fresh looking interior will sell a vehicle even if the exterior is a bit worn.

While there are many other accessories out there for your vehicle, the ones mentioned here will go a long way in giving you peace of mind. You will know that you have done what you can to insure that your vehicle will look close to new even when it is ten years old. If you want to sell your vehicle someday, you have applied accessories that will most likely bring you maximum dollar at selling or trade-in time. You can never lose by adding protective accessories to you car.

Automobile Detailing Business Matters

Automobile Detailing Business Matters

Toyota Prius Hybrid
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If you love cars and you take pride in keeping it as spiffy clean as possible, then you have found yourself a new business that is quite in demand especially in cluttered and urbanized areas. Introducing – automobile detailing. There is more that meets the eye with regards to auto detailing. How nice it is to be the boss of something that you have loved for years. Even though detailing is considered as a small time business venture, it would be fine because big things come from small beginnings.

Do not underestimate car detailing because it is considered as hard work and you have to put in some threads of income for it to work although if doing cars is your thing, then detailing can become rewarding for you. Rewards will not come in money but in experience like skills, craftsmanship and the pride of doing your routine. One more benefit of detailing is that, aside from the assurance of income, you are about to venture into something that benefits your body as being physically fit.

How can you start?
Connect yourself with friends. You can make a leap at that. If they liked what you have done, then you have yourself avid customers which will soon suggest you to other friends of theirs and so on. Then with just the word of mouth will keep your business afloat. Make sure that when your business is starting to flourish, you have the right resources to sustain maintenance – funds, people and place.

Amateur versus professionals
Soon you will discover that there is a fundamental difference between professional detailers than amateur ones. Dealing with the fact of being an amateur will change once you have entered the business. Circumstances will differ and so would be your technique and eventually, you will evolve and your skills will be much more advanced compared to before. Equipments will also when you are now dealing with professional aspects of detailing. What you are using when you were once amateur will not be sufficient and not last that long under full stress hours of professional usage. You are expected to use all materials and supplies that are available and sometimes, you are demanded for more that is why, proper purchasing and selection of tools must be adhered.

Time is indeed, gold
Because of the business that you have put up, you are required to become more professional especially when it comes to coping with your customer’s and dealer’s time. How you do the things that are expected of you must always coincide with the time that you need to spend in order to achieve the quality of labor it needs. Never sacrifice quality because of time constraint.

Detailing will turn out to be very unsatisfactory. As a professional, you would want to make first impressions to your customers and make it last. Therefore, you also have to make practice different and new procedures and techniques that will give you the opportunity to offer a job in a price that’s reasonable and at the same time, competitive.

Take note, you have to be as professional as you can be. And, as much as possible, be patient to the things that you need to do. Don’t compromise the quality of your service just because time didn’t make it. Starting a car detailing business is easy if you know the rules of the game.

Mud Flaps and Mud Guards Prevent A Potential Accident

Mud Flaps and Mud Guards Prevent A Potential Accident

Toyota Prius Hybrid
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Rocks, sticks and debris meet their doom when they hit a mud guard.
There’s plenty of other benefits to slapping-on a set of mud guards, including:

– Cleaner fenders that’ll save you a car wash or two

– Dent and ding protection that preserves your paint

– Sweet looks that go from mud-running master to smooth-style cruising

– Durable, long-lasting materials that stand-up to virtually any barrage

Cleanliness – it’s godliness for your vehicle

Nobody likes that telltale sign they’ve been off-roadin’ or trolling through puddles when you’ve only been cruising the streets. There’s nothing decorative about the resulting splatter spread on your wheel wells, fenders and doors, either. By the time you get a chance to spray the mud off yourself or run your vehicle through the local touch-free car wash, that dirt is caked-on and dried like spackle.

Any mud guard, splash guard or mud flap stops the cycle of splatter marks. In fact, a mud guard keeps the mess contained in the wheel well–out of sight and out of mind. Plus, mud is more likely to just fall off if it cakes inside the wheel well or on the back of the mud guard. Most times, you’ll just need a few minutes with a garden sprayer to dislodge the dirt and get back to a showroom shine. By keeping the splatter away, your truck or SUV stays ready for any on or off-road adventure.

A guide to mud guard protection

There’s a lot more than mud that can fly-up and hit your paint, and they do much more than cause a mess. Think of all the obstructions you see on or off road that tires could be shooting right at your doors and fenders: rocks, sticks, random metal pieces, tire treads and even roadkill. A good set of mud guards acts like an all-star goalie with all the kick-saves you need to keep your paint pristine. Dings, dents and chips meet a brick wall of coverage.

Don’t forget about potential damagers that are much more difficult to see and steer around. Sometimes it’s freshly-painted lane lines or turn arrows. It might be new asphalt or tar that isn’t quite dry. The corner cutting of a lackadaisical road crew can rob a few hours of your time, especially if enough tar or road paint makes its way onto your fenders. Thankfully, mud guards turn back the assault of these potential paint damagers, saving you time, energy, and rubbing compound.

A reference on mud guard and mud flap looks

Whether you spend your weekends churning through the deepest muck, or shuttling the kids to and from soccer with a side trip to the mini golf place, a nice set of mud guards or mud flaps can give your vehicle the look of an off-road commander. Or, a super long and flexible set of mud flaps helps you blend in with any convoy of 18-wheelers, which use these flaps to deflect costly windshield-wrecking rocks tossed at top speed.

Some mud guards offer not only serious protection, but eye-catching ornamentation, too. These include steel or aluminum sheet mud guards that offer premium gleam and rigid protection. While they look great, they can be quite troublesome if you’re wheel well-deep in the mess with your mud guards digging-in. Then again, if you’re that deep in the mud, you’re probably in trouble anyway. Best to stay on the hardball with a set of these metal mud guards.

Looking for the pinnacle of mud guard looks? Many of AutoAnything’s mud guards can be color-matched to your vehicle’s finish. That’s because they employ a textured surface that receives paint without the need for primer. Basic colors can be done at home; any paint tone can be matched by a local shop. The finished product blends seamlessly with the fender and wheel well shape of your vehicle, giving you an extra dose of custom looks the other rigs on the road don’t have.

The basics of mud guard materials

Mud guards are offered in two basic material styles: sheet metal and rubber or rubber-composite. Both bring durability and longevity to your wheel wells, but they have a few distinct differences.

Rubber/rubber-composite mud guards and mud flaps

They can be a flexible mud flap, or a stiff mud guard. Either way, rubber and rubber-composite guards bring the rigidity you need to thwart debris, and the durability to last through the rigors of life on your wheel well. Certain rubber mud guards come ready to paint match with your vehicle’s original color.

One issue with flexible rubber mud flaps is sail. At high speeds, wind resistance blows the flaps out of position to reject the full compliment of rocks, mud and moisture. That’s why a premium flap-style mud guard employs bottom weights and/or a specialized frame that limits sail when you need coverage most.

Sheet metal mud guards

Offered in both stainless steel and aluminum, sheet metal mud guards are usually best for decoration use only. Sure, they’ll stop the splatter tossed rocks and even small-caliber bullets, but they can be a liability if they get caught in soft ground. Still, there’s no other mud guards packing an extreme shine such as the one displayed by these. If looks and on-road protection are your goal, this is the way to go.

Porsche Car Covers For Top Protection

Porsche Car Covers For Top Protection

Honda Odyssey
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In owning a high quality roadster such as a Porsche Boxster you are making a statement that you value quality, engineering, speed, luxury, and reliability. Few cars can match all that a Boxster does in effectively combining an exhilarating sports car ride with a sensible price. Still, owning any Porsche is an investment and you must take care to protect that investment. A custom fitted car cover is something to consider to properly shield your Porsche.

After spending over sixty thousand dollars for your new Porsche, why is it that the one investment that can save you thousands of dollars is often overlooked? What I am talking about is a Porsche car cover. A car cover is a reasonably priced accessory that should be standard equipment for any vehicle. For only a few hundred dollars a custom fitted car cover will protect your car from:

  • Damaging rays of the sun. If you leave your car outside for any length of time, the sun’s rays will damage your car’s finish.
  • Harmful moisture. A high quality car cover will protect your car’s finish from moisture. Acid rain, sleet, snow, and hail can permanently damage your car.
  • Bird poop. You may not park your car under a tree, but the birds sure are attracted to its shine. Not getting to the poop soon enough can be costly to your paint.
  • Minor impacts. No, a car cover won’t protect your car in all circumstances, but a high quality cover is designed to absorb small impacts.
  • Nosey neighbors. You own a Boxster and everyone want to peer in and look at it…rubbing up against your car, scratching the finish, damaging the paint!
  • Insects. Who wants to see their car become home to every insect imaginable? With a custom fitted cover on your Porsche, bugs won’t zone in on something that isn’t hospitable to them.
  • Hello, Kitty. Don’t you just love it when Puss ‘N Boots walks all over your car leaving his tiny little footprints behind?
  • Dust, dirt, air pollution. Even garaged cars can be damaged by dust.

    When selecting a car cover there are some things to consider:

  • Is it guaranteed? You should be able to return it if it doesn’t live up to its promises.
  • How many layers is it? Premium car covers offer the most protection; four layers are the norm.
  • Is it custom fitted for your Porsche? No one sized-fits all cars covers, please!
  • Are side mirror pockets included? For maximum fit, insist on this feature.

    You spent a nice amount of money on your Porsche. Do not neglect it and forego a car cover. Protect your investment with a high quality car cover from a leading manufacturer such as Covercraft.

  • Chemicals used for Car Detailing

    Chemicals used for Car Detailing

    Honda Odyssey
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    As amateurs and professionals in the car detailing industry, you have to be aware of the different chemicals that are used in the overall detailing of your car.
    There is a market out there waiting to be tapped, chemicals to be used to achieve a spiffy clean car environment. Dig this, it is pointless to say that there are a lot of complete car cleaners in the market because that would be saving more yet doing less. That’s crazy. You can’t take a bath using just soap to wash your entire body! The same goes for cars. The notion of a complete car cleaner is not possible at all. It just doesn’t co-exist with the environment.

    Detailing chemicals must be made out of different ingredients which are formulated in every job in particular. Chelators, solvents, saponifiers, surfactants, and wetting agents are the most common kinds of chemicals that are used to detail your car.

    Surfactants are fancy. They are molecules that are created by combining different compounds. Molecules tend to be attracted to the soil and the other, to water. Hydrophile is the chemical that is attracted to water. A hydrophile’s job is to encompass the soil. On the other hand, the compound that is attracted to dirt is known as hydrophobe which is responsible for breaking down soil into small pieces wherein the hydrophile can float away.

    In order to dissolve soil, one needs a solvent. Yes, you need water! That is the universal solvent ever known to man. There are solvents that can work perfectly on phasing out grease and tar and all those irritable dirt that sticks deep into your car. These solvents also contain properties that have lighter effect than water and therefore have a more defining effect. Solvents commonly used in caring for your car includes butyl and d-limonene which is made from lemon and orange peels. D-limonene is considered as one of the most expensive solvents although it can be one of the safest to use throughout the entire car.

    Manufacturers of the hydrophobe and hydrophile molecules tend to modify the different characteristics of the surfactant. Wetting and penetrating will allow water to surround dirt or soil so that it can be removed easily. Chemists have indulged in improving your car’s performance by modifying the detergent used.

    Ever heard of animal fats used in soap manufacturing? Well, believe it because you may not know it but you have already used such soap together with lye in bathing. This process chemically removes the oils and fats in your car’s body. It’s like fighting fire with fire. In order to convert oil and fats into soap, chemists use saponifier which is known to be a kind of strong alkaline produced substance. If produced as soap, it can be washed away by water.

    Now that you have the slightest idea on the different chemicals that are used it is just proper that you use the information that you have learned in order to choose the right chemicals for detailing your car. In summary:

    1. Whenever you are in doubt about a certain chemical, always test it before applying. Use a hidden part of your car in order to verify the compatibility of the chemical to the nature of your car.

    2. BNAcids remove soils which are non-organic.

    3. Alkaline remove soils which are organic.

    4. Petroleum cleaners should be used to remove petroleum soil

    5. Do not use a cleaner that is not compatible, whether strong or mild, for your car’s surface.

    Without An Excellent Finish Your Vehicle Is No Shark

    Without An Excellent Finish Your Vehicle Is No Shark

    If there is a paradox that meanders through automobile vehicle owners – whether it is owners of cars, trucks or S.U.V.’s is that most owners and purchasers tend to short change their vehicle’s finish and final shiny finish and presentation. This absurdity is usually two fold: either the enthusiast loses patience, is lazy or simply runs out of money. However according to automotive industry expert Riteway Strokon “Presentation and Appearance is Everything” “ Presentation, Presentation , Presentation“ is similar to the Real Estate Salesperson’s adage of “Location , Location , Location”..

    What factors need to be considered in the choice of car body paint shop and technician specialists who will prepare and apply the finish to your vehicle – be it car, truck or S.U.V.? First of all a proper and a through job of preparation are essential. Once cannot skimp on a foundation of a house and once cannot skimp on proper auto body paint preparation. A paint job is only as good as to what is underneath it. The auto body surface must be absolutely clean – first by a chemical stripper, next removing any rust apparent or not apparent on the car by either by chemical means or by sandblasting. Once those two are done the surface must be washed down with a metal conditioner to in effect etch the metal surface for better adhesion of the paint.

    Next the surface of the vehicle is primed with a special “primer “coat of paint. The key thing to ask and look for at this stage of the process is whether the car with its coat of primer paint will be allowed to air dry and set for a number of days or whether the paint will be slapped on after only a cursory overnight time period of primer paint drying. After a thorough drying – this coat of primer paint will next be thoroughly and carefully sanded. Again attention to detail and patience are key. You can often judge these two traits in a shop and its staff by both their attention to cleanliness and order in their shop of tools and equipment, their general demeanor as well as references from previous customers.

    Next in line is the actual painting process. Here again attention to detail is key. Not enough can be stressed on the importance of this stage in the vehicle painting process.

    Lastly it comes to the post presentation finishing. Ask about this step. Some shops will consider the job “done” after the simple application of the surface paint.

    Others will pay great attention to detail – inspecting and applying finishing touches- in effect making sure that everything and anything of the presentation and appearance of the car is in order. The vehicle so to speak should be in better than “new condition”. Ensure that body moldings as well as the rubber door seals are placed in properly – that is tight fitting without space so that the rubber doors seals seal fit intact and tightly without gaps. There should be no wind noises. Lastly ensure that no remnants of the finished paint job are apparent in small ways on your vehicle paint job.

    All in all a more than excellent paint job more than adds great value and appreciation to your vehicle – whether it is Car, Truck or Sports Recreation Vehicle .

    Extra, Extra! Car Covers Save Car!

    Extra, Extra! Car Covers Save Car!

    Your automobile is one of the most important investments you will make aside from your house. So it only follows that you would watch over this prized possession as a mother would her child. While singing it lullabyes, you will want to keep it from getting scratched or stained. This is where a good car cover comes in. Without this simple but highly effective protection, you are sure to have your baby sporting dents and scratches in no time. If you’re looking for a good guide to choosing a car cover for your vehicle, you have come to the right place.

    Imagine the dread when you find the first dent or scratch on your new vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life. Unless you are considering covering your vehicle in plated steel, chances are you will be seeing more of these dents and scratches in your life. However, a good car cover can, at the very least, keep your car away from many of the needless scratches it could endure.

    Birds, trees, and dust all pose a scratch hazard to your car. They may seem harmless, but looks can be deceiving.

    Don’t you just hate it when those birds just can’t seem to let loose their bombs unless there are right over something important? Jump the gun! Get protection for your car!
    Bird droppings are acidic and could cause discoloration or even corrosion to your paint finish. Most outdoor car cover fabrics are designed to keep those droppings from harming your car.

    We all love them for the shade. But trees have a deadly sense of retribution. Falling branches, nuts, fruits, and sap can all put scratches and stains on you car. And don’t forget our friendly neighborhood birds (where else would they be found?). If you’re really unlucky, a large branch might come crashing your way. So always be careful which tree you choose to park under.

    You might think that your car paint can weather dust storms. Unfortunately that armor of paint you talk about is only .006 inches thick. Dust that settles on your cars surface could cause tiny scratches if it gets rubbed in. Indoor car cover fabrics and Outdoor car cover fabrics are designed to keep that dust away from your vehicle.

    That thin lining of cloth might not look like it can repel large hazards to your car. But, look again! It could even save your car from thieving fiends! Thieves usually bypass covered vehicles because they take more time to get into. Since their goal is to get the car out of there in the least amount of time, they usually look for those that are easier to get in to. Add a lock and cable to your car cover, and you will keep those pesky thieves scrambling for a different quarry.

    Rain is usually harmless. But a strong downpour could assist dust and other debris in scratching the surface of your car. A good outdoor car-cover gives your car a much needed raincoat.

    Harsh UV rays and the intense heat of the Sun can bleach the color right out of your car. A car cover makes sure these harmful elements are deflected. It also keeps the interior of your car cooler.

    Your car’s finish will have no problem with the cold. It will, though, have a problem with the moisture and the salt. Both elements can wreck havoc on your paint job. Keep your car cover on to prevent this.

    Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Car Cover Consider the following when choosing a car cover:

    1. The places where you park and how frequent you use your car

    2. Weather in the places you often drive to

    3. What color will work best in the weather you drive. For sunny areas a light color helps keep the vehicle cooler. In area with snow, a high contrast vehicle makes for better visibility.

    4. Parking areas. Make sure you know the hazards of your parking area. And be prepared to choose a car cover that addresses this.

    5. The number of people and the crime rate at your parking lot. This will decide whether you will go for a car cover lock to discourage any thieves.

    Choosing car covers might sound trivial to some. But for the well-informed person (that’s you), an investment in a good car cover could decide the lifespan of you precious vehicle.

    Fossil Handbags

    Fossil Handbags

    Car Detailing - Caring for your Car Paint
    Source: Flickr

    Taking pride as the first American brand to create value and style to the watch category, this company has transformed the concept of timekeeping from the merely operational to the highly modish must- haves for the wrist.

    At present, they have evolved their face into the fashion scene with more products under their banner name. They now design apparels and accessories for both him and her. Fossil handbags have also been one of the most wanted merchandise goods in the global market today.

    Tote Style

    Mischa is one of the fossil handbags that is both woven and washed. It is made of leather with shabby brass- plated studs on the upper panel and strap. The inside is entirely lined with matching twill fabric. It is available in colors of cream, teal and tan with a suggested retail price of $168.
    Kona is made from quality canvas. It features a magnetic drawstring closure with two straps, interior cotton lining, side zipper pocket and two open compartments. It is accented with leather details, contrast stitching and bead accents. It is available in colors of orange, floral, lime, khaki, stripe and black with a suggested retail price of $78.
    Havana is one of the Fossil handbags that is out of genuine leather. It has an entirely woven band, two strap handles and magnetic closing top. The inside includes two open side compartments with a zipper top. It is available in colors of saddle, gold, white and metallic with a suggested retail price of $128.

    Hobo Style

    Urbanpocket is one of the Fossil handbags that is a short shoulder bag with an ironic stitching and huge front zip compartment. It is made of 70% cotton canvas and 30% washed leather. It is available in colors of espresso, black and tan with a suggested retail price of $98.
    Patchwork is also made from genuine leather. Its features include a single huge strap and top zipper closure. Its interior has a polyester lining, two open side compartments and a side zip pocket. It is also accented with metal detailing, ironic stitching and leather embossing. It is only available in color of tan with a suggested retail price of $108.
    Coventry is one of the Fossil handbags that feature two outside open side small slip- ons. It has a slim single strap with a zip closure. Its interior features include a polyester lining and side zipper pockets. It is accented with contrast stitching, stud detailing and polished silver hardware. It is available in colors of natural, black and red with a suggested retail price of $108.

    You can still catch more of their attractive creations at To purchase, contact their customer care services at 1-800-449-3056.

    Inexpensively Protect Your Automotive Investment with a Car Cover

    Inexpensively Protect Your Automotive Investment with a Car Cover

    Some new personalised labels
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    You’ve just purchased your dream car. After many months (or even years) of saving, you are now driving home from the car dealership and you suddenly realize, “How am I going to protect my new investment”. If you don’t have the luxury of keeping your car inside of a garage, a car cover will help protect your automobile, both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Even if you do keep your car in a garage, but don’t drive it very often, a car cover is still quite beneficial. It will keep dust particles from sticking to you vehicle and potentially damaging your car’s paint job. A car cover protects your car from the elements in all four seasons. It will prevent the snow from damaging your vehicle in the winter months and keep the sun’s damaging UV rays away from your car’s finish in the smoldering summer months.
    When shopping for a car cover, it is important to look for products that are water repellent not waterproof. The difference between the two types is breathability. Occasionally water will get trapped underneath the car cover. If the car cover is not breathable, condensation will form causing the car cover to rot and possibly ruin the vehicle’s paint job. Waterproof covers are generally cheaper than their water repellent counterparts, leading consumers to believe that they are a better deal. To truly protect your car from factors both inside and outside of the car cover, stay away from the cheaper waterproof car covers and limit your selection to water repellent car covers only.
    For the best protection possible, a custom car cover for your vehicle is highly recommended. While a custom cover is generally more expensive, it provides the best fit for your car. It not only offers you the best convenience in terms of ease of use (putting the cover on and taking the cover off), it also offers you the best protection against the elements.
    No matter what type of car cover you decide to purchase, the price of the cover mainly depends on the type of vehicle you have. Larger covers for trucks and SUVs are typically more expensive than covers for sedans and coupes. A high-quality car cover can run from as little as $75 to as high as several hundred dollars. A custom car cover will cost you a little more than a ready-fit cover. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to protect your new investment, a car cover is the way to go. Whether you choose a custom car cover made specifically for your vehicle or a ready-fit cover, you’ll be happy 5 years down the road when your car still looks brand new.

    Orgs And Services For Vintage Buick And Chevrolet Enthusiasts

    Orgs And Services For Vintage Buick And Chevrolet Enthusiasts

    Saturn Vue
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    Buick and Chevrolet, two of the world’s most famous automobile brands, have a huge following worldwide not only for their modern, sleek models but also for their vintage collectible models. As a matter of fact, there are clubs and organizations formed solely for passionate collectors of noteworthy authentic Chevrolet and Buick models with historical value. Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, with chapters in states like Portland and Washington, publishes its own magazine called Generator and Distributor with articles on how to care for vintage models, specifically automobiles manufactured in early 1900s up to the 1980s. VCCA members have the privilege to contribute personal stories and tips regarding Chevys. Another great thing about being a member of organizations such as VCCA is that one has the opportunity to keep in touch with other vintage car fanatics around the country as well. If a person is a self-proclaimed Buick and Chevrolet fanatic but he doesn’t own even one model, he can still join VCCA because the organization doesn’t limit itself to automobile owners.

    On the other hand, Buick vintage collectors can join Buick Club of America which constantly organizes car shows and tours. BCA members can gain access to their informative forums discussing the specifics of pre-war and post-war models as well as useful tips for preserving and polishing earlier models. Buick and Chevrolet models manufactured before the World War II, mostly made of nickel and brass, naturally require meticulous care to keep up with the modern times. In fact, BCA has a sub-organization to specifically deal with restoring and caring for pre-war Buicks. A member of pre-war Buick division posted a message in the discussion forum saying earlier models of Buick, which are much slower than modern models, should be improved in order to participate in BCA tours.

    Just how exactly can earlier Buick and Chevrolet models be upgraded? Well, car enthusiasts can turn to companies offering automobile restoration. For instance, 10th Street Auto Body Specialties boasts of doing an incredible job of re-working ’34 Chevy, ’35 Ford Woodie Hot Rod, ’63 Nova SS Convertible and ’56 Chevy Hot Rod Truck. One can visit their website for step-by-step guide on how they transform these old models. Demopolis Paint and Body Shop, on the other hand, entertain antique car restorations. Their finished products include 1966 Ford Mustang and 1988 Cavalier. Likewise, Ace Auto Restorations supply antique car collectors with high-quality car parts, from chrome plating to upholstery. With so many choices available, vintage Buick and Chevrolet enthusiasts should no longer have a hard time improving the interiors and exteriors of their antique automobiles.